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Julia Martin presents  ‘Steamy Windows’ a tribute to the undisputed Queen of Rock’ Miss Tina Turner.

This high energy production is one of Julia’s longest running tribute shows, performed around the world, with standing ovations and repeat bookings on every occasion. From its conception 20 years ago, this incredibly authentic show captures the image, the stage presence, the legs and most importantly the voice of this great rock legend.

Julia in a recent interview commented… ‘I have always had a love for Rock Music and Tina has been one of my idols for over 20 years, she is one of the few tribute characters that I have yet to meet in person and I think Tina’s life story is simply inspiring. I have built my tribute show around Tina’s sensational live performances, with all my music being individually produced to capture the ‘energy and beat’ of a Live Tina concert. I have had so many people pass comment, not only about my vocal accuracy but also my backing tracks, it was an expensive project with over 30 songs commissioned, but incredibly worthwhile and it certainly adds an extra layer to my performance.

Attention to detail, careful research and a commitment to accurately portray Tina both vocally and visually is what makes ‘Steamy Windows’ special. Julia becomes Tina in every way, wig, make-up, replica costumes and of course the famous legs and movement. But  a tribute show is not simply about looking like someone, you have to become that person, you have to be able to step onto stage, capture the audience, and sell the illusion.

Julia, makes this show her own, catapulting it to the top of the Tina Turner tribute list. With vocals direct from Nutbush, Tennessee, mannerisms that are ‘Pure Tina’ and a stage presence that commands the room, Julia weaves her magic and delivers a show that when you shut your eyes; Tina Turner herself is in the room.

Audience engagement is also guaranteed with Julia walking amongst the tables, posing for photographs, and making every person in the room feel special, without even missing a beat from the songs that she is performing.

Tina is so totally unique that it is important to capture more than just the voice, without the Tina mannerisms, it just would not be Tina. The stage costumes play such an important part and Julia had replicated two of Tina’s most famous dresses from Tina’s ‘Private Dancer Tour’ hand stitched in Turkey from the finest leather, these dresses copy every seam, zip and buckle from Tina’s original.




Please choose from the video clips above, to watch Miss Julia Martin performing her world renowned Tina Turner Tribute Show ‘Steamy Windows’



A number of unique trademark features within this show are what elevates this show to a ‘World-Class Production’, placing it firmly alongside the top Tina Turner tribute shows on the market today. Julia’s vocal range, movements and mannerisms are just ‘Pure Tina’ and when you add, lighting fast costume changes and Julia’s unique ability to communicate, interact and entertain her audience, you can understand why clients all over the world want to book Julia to perform. But please don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients and guests have to say.

“Hi Julia, you are so good at what you do, and of course you must hear it all the time, but you know you really are talented. The men on stage was a laugh and Tina’s moves was sexy and spot on, and you sang Tina’s wonderful tones. I loved the leather dress where did you get that dress? Thanks for a wonderful evening, hope to see you again soon!”Sheri & Ian xxx

“Amazing show last night..fab!..enjoyed my private dancer hehe!..deffo’s a must see versatile show packed with audience participation laughs and stunning vocals”. With love – Rob Batey x

“Hi Julia, Just wanted to say what a brilliant night we had, entertaining, fun and above all the vocals were spot on. My friends have also text us this morning to say thank you for a terrific evening, I’ve never seen my mate on stage doing his thrust thing to a Tina Turner song before and it had me in absolute hysterics! So glad I had a bad leg or it could have been me!! Top Woman Tribute act and hugely talented, Thank you” Graham Veryard

“Amazing, Never seen anything like it. Julia was so like Tina it is unreal. She has a really powerful voice and looked sang and spoke like her. Would watch her again and again. Such a lovely energetic person and puts everything in to performing . Thank you for such a great evening”.Peter, James, Eileen & Sophie. Hayling Island, Hampshire.

“Hi Guys, My husband and I are still talking about your Tina Turner show you are fantastic, we have seen you many times now doing all of your different shows and think that you are amazing. We still find your transformations incredible and the speed that you change still baffles us and for anyone who has not seen you they don’t know what they are missing. Once again thanks for a great night and we look forward to seeing you soon”.Best Wishes Sally and Peter (Southampton)

“What a show, I have seen many Tina shows over the years but you are without doubt the most incredible I have ever seen. Your transformations are enough to make me speechless, you are an amazing performer and entertainer, not just a singer and to top it off your voice is out of this world with a matching personality. Thank you so much and I am already excited about the next show in May”.  Eric. Hull Wyke Round Table



Julia’s ability to entertain and involve the audience is one of the key factors that sets this show apart. From the many comments that Julia receives concerning her show, taking the time to engage with the audience, posing for photographs and chatting with guests both during and after the show are always at the top of the list.



With over 3,200 tribute performances to her name, you can imagine that Julia has worked for a lot of different and varied clients, many of whom bring her back time after time. In fact Julia still has some of the same clients asking her back that she first worked for 20 years ago.

The range and type of clients is tremendous, they span the world, from international blue chip companies to private parties and from cruise ships to golf clubs, you name it and Julia has probably done it. All of Julia’s clients are special to her, be it the International Banker who Julia recently worked for at a black tie ball in Switzerland to Ernie who celebrated his 100th Birthday on New Years day in Manchester, and wanted a tribute to his favourite artist.

Over the years Julia has received hundred’s of thank you letters and emails, each and every one of them hold a special place for her and she is always appreciative of the time taken by a client to jot down a few words of thanks. You can read a selection of these messages by following the ‘Comments’ link in the menu header bar.

Julia would like to dedicate this section as a THANK YOU to the thousand’s of clients, who over the last 20 years, have taken the time to ask for information, make a booking and place their trust in Julia to deliver another knock out performance.



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Miss Julia Martin 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Tina Turner tribute website. I have been a professional singer for over 20 years; I perform throughout the UK, Europe and around the world. I’ve entertained in world-class hotels, arenas, theatres, cruise liners and the homes of the rich and famous. The job is awesome, I get paid for doing what I enjoy the most, paying tribute to some of the world's most celebrated female artists.

My passion is performing and taking on the persona of other characters, to sound like them, dress like them and deliver a performance to an audience in such away that the audience feels they are watching the original performer. Whilst this site is dedicated to my Tina Turner tribute show, I do have a selection of other tribute shows that I regularly perform. (MORE INFORMATION)

I also own an events management company, that organises everything from a private themed party to a full scale theatre production, services can include dancers, costumes, props and entertainment. One of my recent events for an audience of nearly 1,000 people included lots of pyrotechnics and a live tiger on stage. (MORE INFORMATION)

Having performed over the years on a number of cruise liners, I was recently invited onto 'Cruising with the Stars', a popular chat show, on SKY television. The video clip from the show is below, and I was given the opportunity to talk about my life in show business, not just on the cruises but also in other venues around the world. I have also launched my new www.juliamartin.net website, which is now fully up and running, if you want any further information on any of my other shows or more details on my Events Company 'JM Productions', then please feel free to visit this site, just click on the link to the left.

I enjoy helping to raise money for charities, my youngest son Charlie is 25, and autistic, he is the inspiration behind much of my charity work. I am the founder and chairperson of Autism Unseen, a charity that helps young autistic individuals integrate into society, and I have written and recorded a song for the Conflict Free Mineral Association (CFMA), who are helping to abolish child slave labour in the DRC. I also regularly get involved in other fund raising ventures, for a number of other charitable endeavours, and just recently I completed an 80 km walk from Switzerland to France in aid of Syria Relief. (MORE INFORMATION)

Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to take on new challenges, and to fulfil another of my ambitions, that of becoming a Barrister. With my children now grown up, I enrolled at the University of Hull on a 4-year joint honours degree in Law & Legislative Studies. This process of going back to being a student, albeit a mature student, changed my life completely and although I still regularly sing, I have become involved in many new and exciting projects. These include, being Law Society President, BPP Liaison Officer, and the most rewarding of all, working for a full year in the House of Lords, alongside Lord Norton of Louth. (MORE INFORMATION)

I still have many new challenges, not least  becoming a Barrister, and although I have recently passed my Bar Exam and a Masters in Law, I will never leave behind my passion to sing. Every week I shall step out onto stage, it might be Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai or somewhere in the UK, and I will continue doing what I enjoy the most  ... performing and delivering a tribute show that makes the audience believe that they have just seen the original artist.

Love Julia x




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Thank you for taking the time to visit my Tina Turner Tribute page, I hope you found it interesting. Please keep checking back from time to time and visit the ‘Latest News’ link to be kept up-to-date on all my travels and adventures. I can accommodate all types of bookings, be it small or large events. I have performed to just 12 members of an overseas Royal Family in a private suite in the Dorchester Hotel, London, right up to an outdoor stadium of 20,000 people.

I welcome all enquires both home and overseas, and when travelling abroad, be it anywhere in the world, I travel on my own to keep the clients costs down. I am very grounded in offering my clients exceptional value for money and I would not burden them with additional travel costs for extra people.

I hope to hear back from you, remember to visit my www.juliamartin.net website, it is full of great features, and if you have seen me before and wish to leave a comment, or ask any questions with regard my tribute shows, then send me a message via the contact form below.

Love Julia x